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Contract law

Contract law covers the conclusion, impact and termination of agreements and contracts.

Road traffic law

Road traffic law contains rules that apply to vehicles and the conduct of drivers on public roads.

Criminal law

Criminal law prosecutes certain acts that are considered harmful to social co-existence.

Tenancy law

Tenancy law governs the relationship between lessors who rent out a property and tenants who pay rent in return.

Liability law

Liability law determines how loss or damage caused and psychological suffering are compensated.

Company law

Company law covers the legal aspects of associations and stock corporations.

Family law

Family law concerns partnerships, separations, divorces and child-related matters.

Inheritance law

Inheritance law governs how a testator’s assets are transferred to one or more people.

Employment law

Employment law is defined in the Swiss Code of Obligations and governs the relationship between employers and their employees.